10 colores perfectos para pintar el dormitorio según el Feng Shui

The color in a bedroom where you want to practice Feng Shui, is essential. Why? Well, because it is the basis on which the rest of the decoration will go, and if the base is wrong or not appropriate, it does not matter what you do next.

In Feng Shui, you can use practically any color to paint and decorate the bedroom, depending on what you try to enhance, search or subtract.

But, if you are looking for a suitable color, with which to hit safely and have a good base on which to add a decoration based on Feng Shui, you need a neutral tone, better if it is not cold, among other colors that we have prepared, and that we are going to know right now. We start

Earth tones

Feng Shui colors for the bedroom: Bedroom in earth tones

Deborah Law Interiors

The earth tones are perfect to add in a bedroom that seeks this practice, since they are warm, which can favor the relationship with the couple, cozy and serene, attributes necessary for a Feng Shui environment .

There is a great variety of them to choose from, in case you do not like a medium tone, like the one we see above these lines.

If you are looking for something softer, more neutral, the next color, which is also among earth tones , you may be interested.


A bedroom painted in beige

Photography Pawel Paniczko

The beige is another land – based color according to Feng Shui with which we can paint the bedroom. Luminous, warm and comfortable, but more serene than the average earth tones.

If it still seems too intense and you are looking for something more neutral, the following color may interest you.

Soft earth tones

A bedroom painted in soft earth tones

Sims Hilditch

As you can see, it is still a warm and welcoming color, but this tone is more neutral, which makes it ideal to create a base on which to then add touches of color, if that is what we want.

If this option seems more suitable for you, then I recommend that you write the following color so that when you can, you will see a sample in a paint shop.

Bone color

A bedroom painted in bone color

Undoubtedly the most elegant color of all the soft tones is the bone color . It combines with all the other colors, it is warm and bright, but also neutral, so you feel a perfect base for a Feng Shui decoration.

The room above these lines, designed by Nice Home , combined the bone color with blue tones, which enhance relaxation and favor meditation.

This color is perfect when looking for a tone to dress the walls, but that does not stand out. This color is a broken white, which breaks the coldness of the white and shelters the walls, but does not stand out, its presence is subtle and elegant, leaving the rest of the accessories that dominate the space.

If the earth tones that we are seeing are not of your interest, it does not matter, in Feng Shui you can use many other tones to paint a bedroom, and, following the line of the 10 perfect colors, the next one, out of the Earth tones, also found in this list.


A bedroom painted in green tones

Intexure Architects

You can use any type of green , but if you are looking for a safe one, apply a soft green, almost pastel or pastel, on your walls, that does not stand out too much, if not serene, enveloping, zen.

Also, the lighter the green, the more accents of other colors you can put on the textiles and the rest of the accessories, without saturating the space, something that in Feng Shui should not happen.

Let’s see another color.

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A bedroom painted in lilac

The mauve or lilac shades , very clear, are also appropriate colors for a Feng Shui marriage bedroom. These colors are formed by red and blue: red is a warm color and blue is a cold color.

So, the mauve or the lilac, have the best of the two spectra: They are, on the one hand, relaxing, but also warm.

As long as it does not rise too much tone and we get to excessive purple, the soft tones of lilac, violet or mauve are perfect for the walls.


A bedroom painted pink

Lisette Voûte

In addition to that it is very in vogue for several years, the rose , whenever it is in pastels, avoiding the fuchsia, is suitable for a bedroom Feng Shui.

The pink is born of red, the most passionate color there is, but also a color that conveys urgency and aggressiveness, so it should be softened, lower tone, until you reach the pink, which has the positive nuances of red, but not the negative .

Gray, the king of neutrals

One bedroom Feng Shui painted gray

Deborah Law Interiors

This color is another perfect tone, but as long as the rest of the decoration adds warm shades. I explain:

The gray does not add nuances, so it is a color that can create cold and empty spaces for itself. Of course, if combined with other warmer shades, wood, natural fibers and other materials that add warmth to the bedroom, then gray becomes one of the perfect colors.

Although if you like gray and you want to go for sure, then the next color interests you more.


A bedroom painted greige

Photography  Jonas Berg  | Styling  Stadshem

The greige is a mixture of gray and beige, so it has the advantage of both shades: it is a neutral and elegant color with which to create a solid base for the bedroom Feng Shui, and be combined with any other tone, but also it is a color with warm shades, something that gray alone lacks.

If this color seems too … Soso, so to speak, and look for a color for your bedroom more cheerful and vital, but also serene, without much shrillness, the next color may be yours.


A bedroom painted vanilla

Juxtapose Designs

It belongs to the range of yellows, but in a very soft tone value, with little saturation, becoming an ideal color for a Feng Shui room, since it brings a certain sparkle and vitality, but without excess, and it is left to combine very well .

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Feng Shui is a practice in which many factors influence, so a good foundation is always necessary, and, although they are not the only ones, these 10 colors to paint a bedroom based on Feng Shui, are some of the most appropriate for it.

But, if you are not interested in any of them and you are looking to boost some deficiency or reinforce some fitness, leave a comment that I will be happy to try to help you.

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